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XiLo Italian Racecar Home Audio

XiLo Italian Racecar Home Audio

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Designed From Italian Racecar Parts

XiLO was created in the engine capital of the world, Modena Italy. It is a fusion of expert audio engineering and the artistic application of real European race car parts.

XiLO takes its name from the noble wood ('xylon' in Greek) and the arrangement of the 5 forward-facing speakers plus the coaxial Subwoofer. The principal element is the interweaving of the pipes, curved and welded by hand, which act as a bass reflex conduit for the acoustic speakers. Craftsmanship which demonstrates our passion to create singular objects which excite the eye.

Powerful like a Racing Engine

Equipped with two 4-inch 40W Mid Bass, two 3-inch 40W Midrange, a 2-inch 40W Tweeter and an 8-inch 140W Down Firing Subwoofer, the XiLO enables delivery of a total power output of 340W.

The frontal arrangement of the speakers matched with the Down Firing coaxial Subwoofer allows the reproduction of a perfectly balanced, natural sound.

XiLO5.1 is your audio system, in that you are able to regulate the volume and frequency of the Subwoofer as you desire, minimizing the harmonic distortion and adjusting the diffusion of sound up to 50 Hz. The result is a system of extraordinary performance, from its unique form which knows how to excite, both in its sound and beauty.

Download the Full Audio Specifications PDF for the Xilo

Bluetooth & AUX Connectivity

Overcome all the barriers and listen to your favourite music. XiLO is equipped with the latest generation Bluetooth card: low power consumption, radio module 802.11g with a maximum speed of 24 Mbps. The Bluetooth in the XiLO operates on the 2.4 GHz ISM radio band, and uses the technique of frequency hopping to reduce interference and signal degradation to a minimum. With a 3.5 mm connector, you can connect your CD / DVD player, your MP3 player, your turntable or any other supported device.

Customize the XiLo From An App

Each of us is unique, differing from all others. For this very reason we have decided to give clients the option of modifying the application graphics to meet their own tastes, and to adjust listening parameters to suit their own music. The Audio Suite we have developed can thus be personalised according to the dock you own or the model you prefer, giving you a choice of whether to listen to the evocative rumble of the engines or the music on your playlist.


The different graphics for each environment enables you to match your smartphone with a dock of your choice while offering impressive visuals for each screen, such as the VU Meter, a special rev counter that moves in time with the engine sounds matter if from a F1 or from an aircraft with a radial engine. But appearance is not everything, above all for a device born for listening. This is why we offer the option of personalising volume and balance of the music to your tastes, however you like or using the default ambient settings already configured on the device.

Download the iXoost controller app

Delivery and Production Times

iXoost audio systems are each crafted by hand in Italy to your customized specifications. For this model, please allow 3-4 weeks from ordering to build the system for you, then 1-2 weeks for delivery from Modena, Italy to your home address in the USA.