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Steel Indoor/Outdoor Tabletop Torch

Steel Indoor/Outdoor Tabletop Torch

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Mesa Tabletop Torch is a newcomer to the torch line. It’s geometric design allows for the flickering flame to illuminate any space, sitting perfectly on any sized tabletop with its 8 inch base. Bronze epoxy powder paint makes its stand out among foliage and compliments any garden or outdoor space.

Create an atmosphere, compliment rustic interiors, or add this polished tabletop torch for a splash of colour. This tabletop works well as a centrepeice at dinners, in restaurants, and other commercial applications. Place it in a work space or on a desk, and enjoy the subtle warmth and energy it radiates.

Snuffer included.
Fuel sold separately.

Materials:Solid steel, bronze epoxy powder paint
Snuffer (galvanized steel)

Made in Canada