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Square Salvaged Black Slate Coasters

Square Salvaged Black Slate Coasters

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This set of four beautifully eco-friendly coasters evoke a sense of raw naturalism with the clean modernist color of slate black. Each one of these handmade coasters is made from  reclaimed hand-cut Vermont slate from local rooftops.

The backing of the slate coasters are made of felt and recycled plastic that is safe for precious tabletops. These coasters are food safe and hand-washable while also doing a better job of blocking condensation from cocktails and other cold drinks.

This four-pack of rough-edged square coasters are a solid cut slab of natural slate that are around 4 1/2" wide and approximately 1/4" thick, fitting in the palm of your hand and carrying a noticeable weight. They look especially impressive when holding up an Old Fashioned, chilling in an ice block. These decorative coasters are fashionable enough to be left out in a stack in the living room.

This item includes soapstone chalk that you can use to write names or notes on the slate. The coasters can be cleaned with a damp cloth. The package also includes care instructions and gift labeling materials.