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Spyke Magnetic Ferrofluid Desk Display

Spyke Magnetic Ferrofluid Desk Display

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What is ferrofluid?

Let's keep it simple. Ferrofluid is a magnetic liquid that looks like CGI manifested into the real world. Using a magnetic stylus, you can move the ferrofluid in the bottle. Concept Zero has developed a suspension liquid that preserves and keeps the magnetic fluid from staining its container.

Each display comes with 2.5ml of ferrofluid in a specially configured suspension liquid to keep it "spikey". The ferrofluid is permanently magnetized by 3 magnets embedded in the base. Using the magnetic stylus, you can move the ferrofluid to make very dramatic stringy spikes. The top of the case is magnetic and is designed to hold the stylus in place when not in use. In addition, the background is brightly colored to contrast with the ferrofluid making the spikes pop out. The case serves as protection against accidental drops and is sealed shut so its child resistant.

Available in black, blue and gold colored ferrofluid. Orange background for black and platinum for colored ferrofluid fluids. The spYke comes with retail ready packaging. This product is proudly made in the USA.