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Magic Hat #9 Apricot Ale Beer Jelly 8 oz Jar

Magic Hat #9 Apricot Ale Beer Jelly 8 oz Jar

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Made by Potlicker Kitchen. Fruity ale jelly with apricot notes. This fruity beer jelly is made from one of Vermont's first famous craft brews, Magic Hat #9. This versatile jelly shines as a pastry filling, a glaze for ham, and as the secret ingredient in your best-ever grilled cheese. This item is sold in a case of twelve 8-ounce mason jars. That's $7 each for gourmet, hand-crafted jelly rich with depth of character and flavor. Usually ships in 24-48 hours.

Suggested Recipes:

Glazed Ham

Beer Jelly Pulled Chicken

Beer Glazed Cheesecake on a Pretzel Cookie Crust

Ingredients: Magic Hat #9, cane sugar, citrus pectin.

Contains gluten.