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Isolate Aquarium Original Edition, Flos Kelvin LED

Isolate Aquarium Original Edition, Flos Kelvin LED

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About the Isolate Aquarium Original Edition

The Isolate aquarium series was inspired by conversations about serenity between a luxury aquascaping expert and a leader in modern design. This beautifully machined cube is designed for desks and countertops to bring you much needed clarity at a glance. Okeanos Aquascaping is a boutique custom aquarium and pond design firm, fusing vibrant nature with the simple dynamism of modern design.

Glass - 11" optically clear glass cube, machine polished and beveled edges.

Lighting - Flos Kelvin LED Lighting by Antonio Citterio in a chrome finish.

Filter - The Mini Edition comes with a stainless steel electric water filter that compliments the minimalist aesthetics of the aquarium.

Skull - The skull is an artisan piece, treated with a specialty spraypaint then double resin-coated for a vivid color and high gloss. The skull is hollow, perfect for crabs, eels or other cave dwelling aquarium pets.

Base - 26" x 15" x 1.25" / Available in American walnut, ebonized walnut, grey washed hackberry, or clear acrylic. Lighting and glass cube are recessed into cutouts in the base.

Maintenance - Easy to use and maintain filtration and heating systems are available for both fresh and saltwater aquariums. Planted terrarium option does not require filtration system.

Lead Time - This product is hand-crafted by luxury aquascaping company Okeanos. It takes 3-4 weeks after purchase to build, then 5-7 business days to deliver to any address in the continental USA. For international shipments, please email us for shipping costs.