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Ion Large Outdoor Firepit in Gunmetal Grey

Ion Large Outdoor Firepit in Gunmetal Grey

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"Ion is a Romanesque structure of solid steel, painted in a gunmetal grey epoxy powder paint. A contemporary depiction of the traditional columnar design that propagates classical Roman architecture, the Ion Fire Pit is a blazing glory of fiery wood-burning flames within its steel walls. Slits within the grand fire pit’s columnar design provide a resting area for skewers, adding rotisserie to the Ion’s functionality.

Beaches, barbecues and bonfires are among the memorable experiences that are meant for sharing around the Ion’s soaring natural flames and its bold contemporary presence. Elevating the Ion, for safety purposes, are several legs that lift a flat, solid steel plate at the base of the fire pit, raising it above the ground.

Hardware included.

All Fire Pits are custom made to order. Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

Disclaimer: Installation and usage instructions should be followed carefully after purchasing the Ion Fire Pit. This product’s look and finish will change after exposure to high heat, creating a beautiful, natural patina. Consult your local by-laws before purchasing or using this product.

Made in Canada