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India Pale Ale Beer Jelly 8 oz Jar

India Pale Ale Beer Jelly 8 oz Jar

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Light hoppy beer jelly. A bit like hoppy honey. This bright, hoppy, fruity beer jelly is made from one of today's most popular styles of beer, India Pale Ale. Pair this jelly with sharp cheddar and cured meats.

This 8 ounce mason jar is filled with the artisinal jelly making expertise of Potlicker Kitchen. Also see their gift sets and custom 12-packs. Usually ships in 24-48 hours.

Suggested recipes:

Beer Jelly Wings

Beer Glazed Cheesecake on a Pretzel Cookie Crust

Beer Jelly Caramelized Onions

Ingredients: Harpoon IPA, cane sugar, citrus pectin.

Containes gluten.