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Gel Ethanol Fireplace Fuel, 32 oz

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The Gel Ethanol (32oz Bottle) is made for use with a 13oz Ethanol Activator Can (sold separately and not included with Gel Ethanol 32oz Bottle), to create a flame in the home/garden. Pour the gel ethanol fuel into the activator can, without overfilling, and ignite to create a flame. For use in the home/garden with torches, tabletop fireburners, and sconces. Enjoy instant ambience and glowing warmth in your home and garden with the effective Gel Ethanol (32oz Bottle) and create a glorious flame in an instant, lighting up your indoor and outdoor space boldly and brilliantly.

No mess. No maintenance. No cleanup. The Gel Ethanol (32oz Bottle) is easy to use and will create a fiery, flickering flame lasting for 2-3 hours at a time, when used with a 13oz Activator Can. Sit back and enjoy the relaxing comfort of a spectacular natural fire in your home, hotel, loft, restaurant, lounge, or garden with the Gel Ethanol fuel options.

A four-step process to activate the flame:
1. Pour the Gel Ethanol fuel into the 13oz Activator Can of fiberglass medium. After the fuel is fully absorbed into the medium, the can becomes spill-proof. (Warning: Do not overfill.)
2. Carefully place the Activator Can into the product.
3. Use BBQ lighter to activate the medium. The combination of ethanol fuel, and the fiberglass medium is magical and mesmerizing.
4. Use the Snuffer provided with the product to extinguish the flame.