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Magnetic Ferrofluid Display in Skull Bottle

Magnetic Ferrofluid Display in Skull Bottle

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Watch ferrofluid moving in crystal head vodka bottleAbout the Zkull Ferrofluid Display

This intruiging home centerpiece is hard to put down. Ferrofluid is a magnetic liquid that "comes to life" when in range of magnetic fields. As you wave the included magnetic wand around the ferrofluid, it will take on amazing geometric forms.

The ZKull by CZFerro is a ferrofluid display made from genuine Crystal Head Vodka bottles and a colored ferrofluid that is specially treated to stay together and never dissipate. The ZKull 50ml comes with 2ml of ferrofluid and is paired with a neodymium magnetic stylus. The ZKull 750ml is packed with 20ml of ferrofluid and comes with a large neodymium magnet. 750ml is the same liquid volume as a standard bottle of wine.