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Explorer Brooklyn Tote Bag

Explorer Brooklyn Tote Bag

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This handbag is part of our most recent line of products, the Explorer Collection. Rugged yet modern, our Explorer Brooklyn Tote will help you stay organized during any adventure. This tote features one interior pocket and three pockets on the front. Back of bag features full width back pocket panel for even more storage! We can also upgrade the interior pocket to a multi-pocket interior panel (featured in photos) with two pockets, two pen slots, and a card slot.

-Replace Shoulder Straps with Cross-body Strap: $12 upcharge
-Replace 6x6" pocket with Deluxe Panel Pocket (see photos): $25

-Body of bag measures 11" tall, 9.5" wide at the bottom, and 13" wide at the top
-Shoulder straps measure 28" each, for a drop from the shoulder of about 13"
-Crossbody strap (can replace shoulder-straps for an upcharge) is adjustable.
-6" x 6" interior pocket comes included in base price