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Eliot's Adult Siracha Sunflower Butter

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Oh yes. We went there. Sriracha. All up in some Sunflower Butter. Well rather blended into the sunflower butter but you know what we meant. With just four ingredients, the familiar taste of sunflower seeds gets a tangy spike of heat from our Sriracha spice mix. With a touch of salt and brown sugar added and we've got ourselves another simple, yet incredibly bold flavor!

Oh and Sriracha Sunflower Chicken Saute is for real and the recipe is right on the label. Of course you could use tofu or another protein but as long as this seed butter is involved, you'll be eating good. Of course apples, celery, crackers and toast will be delighted to meet its acquaintance.

So what are you waiting for? Get a jar or three and get in on this magical combination!