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Custom Gourmet Jelly 12-Pack

Custom Gourmet Jelly 12-Pack

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12 jars of our beer jelly, wine jelly, or artisan jam from Potlicker Kitchen. Your choice, mix and match. Share with friends or keep them all for yourself. Customize your 12 pack - all-beer flavors, 1/3 beer, fruit & wine, etc.

Vegan. Beer Jellies contain wheat. 

Fruit Jam
Uncommon favors hand crafed with high quality ingredients. Just enough out of the ordinary, these sweet and sometmes savory favors stand out among the crowd. Perfect pairings for toast, cheese platers & desserts.

Beer Jelly
Made with beer it tastes like beer! With only 3 ingredients including real Vermont beer each favor is true to style, meaning the IPA if fruity & hoppy and the Oatmeal Stout is roasty & earthy . Beer lovers will enjoy having their favorite beer to slather on toast for breakfast, over grilled meats, or with cheese.

Wine Jelly
Distnctvely favored jelly made of wine simmered with complementary spices. The perfect additon to your next wine tastng or dinner party. These jellies add a fun & sophistcated touch to cheese platers, glazed roasts, poached fruit, and gourmet PBJ's .